We Are So Much More Than a Business....

About Us

To most, a pharmacy is usually seen as two things; the business of transacting the sale of medications to get someone better or filling a prescription and the place where you purchase the prescription.

To me it’s more than that. Being a pharmacist is a way of life, it’s a vice, a love, and an unrivaled passion to serve.

CrossTown Pharmacy offers a wide array of services, from prescription delivery to contractual non-profit service, patient counseling, blood glucose and blood pressure screening.

I have strong interdisciplinary relationships and experience with many health care providers, which allows me to work directly with doctors to establish patient therapies, and encourage patient compliance.

It is a simple, yet powerful concept, one upon which I have built my business.

Patients who are compliant, will return regularly, which is a win/win for patient health, and our community.

One Love,

Dr. Morrison

Pharmacy is My Life

My career as a pharmacist has provided me with the opportunity to help people and educate them about their health, wellness, and disease prevention.

As a pharmacist, my mantra has always been faith, family and pharmacy. The workaholic in me will freely admit, it isn’t always in that order.

But at the end of the day – it isn’t all about work – because our patients are like family and the immense faith and trust they have in my staff and me, plus the indescribable satisfaction and yes, JOY….we get from exceeding their expectations, definitely make this profession worthwhile.

Dr. Lydell Morrison, PharmD

Howard University, College of Pharmacy

Hard Work, Dedication & Personalized Service

My love and dedication to my profession, patients and community, coupled with my drive for business have undoubtedly resulted in a successful local thriving health and wellness community partner.

This is why we are Port St Lucie’s highest rated 5 Star Pharmacy.

We pride ourselves on being able to meet the needs of our local community by providing patient-centered care and impeccable service … standards that are lacking in many large retail chains..

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