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The body has the power to heal itself. From ancient to present day – natural remedies have been made using herbs from time immemorial.

Herbs help the body to naturally and organically regenerate. For every common ailment grandma or another senior family member knew a “bush” that healed.

Through folklore and practice we recognized early as growing kids that the garden was also our pharmacy. Grandma’s potions, rubs, teas and steam inhalants made us healthy, strong, resilient and disease free and absolved us of any need to trek to a traditional Physicians.

These decades of experience are part of important knowledge base which best serves the universe when shared.


My aim is to unselfishly promote the benefits of traditional treatment for the health and well being of family, my kids, friends & each and everyone who yearn for a natural alternative to western medicine.


If you wish to take a herbal remedies and teas with or without prescribed medicines, you should talk to a pharmacist or your medical doctor first – treat all herbal remedies and teas with respect.

Crosstown Pharmacy can not be held responsible for any adverse reactions to the recommendations and consumption of any herbal teas and remedies on this website.